System minimized by removing packages and content

The system was working fine, the next day i faced this problem !

Mostly what is missing are “man pages” or other documentation. Be careful before using this since it can use a lot of space.

When the Jetson is started it might be automatically checking for updates. If networking to the outside world is working, then this might take some time (if it is a new installation, then this can take quite some time). It is odd though to see 0 packages can be updated though.

In cases where an automatic update is being attempted due to recent boot or login, you should just wait. Try half an hour later (if your network connection is slow, maybe wait an hour). If this still fails, perhaps there was an interrupted update that somehow hung up. The next step, if it is still locked, is to reboot. Upon reboot you probably need to wait 10 minutes if it still fails. If this happens, and it still fails, try:
sudo apt clean

If that succeeds, test if update works:

# Makes a snapshot of package versions, but doesn't install those updates yet:
sudo apt update

# Actual update:
sudo apt-get upgrade

Once update and upgrade succeed you should be able to unminimize the documentation. If it still fails find out if there is a process using the lock:
ps aux | grep -i apt | grep -v grep
…similar for dpkg:
ps aux | grep -i dpkg | grep -v grep

If you see a PID you can kill it:
sudo <pid>

You can check if it is running:
dpkg-query -l
(use sudo kill on the PID; if that won’t kill it, use “sudo kill -9 <pid>”)

If there was nothing locking, then it means it is a stale lock file and you can delete the lock:

# Try one at a time:
sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/lock
sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend
sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock

It is important though to give the system some time to run after a restart before you try removing locks. This is basically a database issue, and something you’ll see in different variations in every flavor of Linux that has a package system.

Well i tried to clean and upgrade and thats the output
When i tries to upgrade , an errors encountered while processing :

Is there any possibility that you could get this same information in serial console logs? Or just text logs you can attach to the thread? For example, you can log a test command and then copy it from the Jetson via ssh if you don’t have serial console:
sudo apt-get upgrade 2>&1 | tee log_upgrade.txt

The key is appending " 2>&1 | tee logfilename.txt".

Incidentally, I do expect that many of the boot-related files can’t be upgraded, this is unrelated to package management errors.

I am also curious, what do you see from this?
df -H -T -t ext4
(you could log it with “df -H -T -t ext4 2>&1 | tee df_log.txt”)

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