System Power Off !

Hello all,

I have a FOXCONN Destroyer motherboard with AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-core, 16 GB RAM and 4 Tesla c1060 cards
and a nForce 178a primary display.

Earlier I faced a problem of Blue screen crash report popping up and system rebooting after 5-8 seconds
(“Watchdog issues in XP” posted on 20th April.)

I reduced number of threads that were being spwaned in my program and the system stopped rebooting
but now I face another problem. The exe file runs successfuly when running on an Intel Xeon Quad Core, Intel 5000 SVN motherboard with 4 GB of RAM and one Tesla c1060 card. Total process completion time ~8 minutes.
But when I run the same exe on the FOXCONN mentioned above, system gets SWITCHED OFF (POWER OFF) after a few seconds (say 20-30 seconds).I cannot reason out as to how the system is getting SHUT DOWN ? :unsure:


Perhaps a PSU issue?