SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Quadro driver 385.69 and 375.63 Windows 10 IOT


We are frequently facing this problem (SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION) with this two Quadro driver versions, 385.69 and 375.63.

It happens while executing our software that uses CUDA, OpenGL and NVENC.

The windows version is:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB (64 bits).

Sometimes the machine can reboot, sometimes it get’s stuck, and it needs manual reboot (unplug the power cord).

When it does not reboot, instead of a blue screen we find a black screen and after rebooting, we find this in the windows events log:

May we be facing two different problems?

And more importantly, can we expect our software to be the cause for this errors? All our app logs (we have a lot) show no errors, everything seem’s to simply stop. Therefore we expect this to be a driver problem, but it’s weird that it happens with this two versions.

Any thing we can provide to help you understand the problem?