System throttled due to over-current?

This post has been replied to solve the problem,
I would like to know what is the reference standard for this value setting?
Can I boost the 5000ma value to 7000ma?

If you use developer kit, 5000 mA is the suggested setting. We don’t suggest higher value since the current may do permanent damage to hardware.

If you use a custom board, please use power estimator to profile and set a proper value.

Is this Hardware mean the NX module core or the carrier board?

I use a custom board.

No matter the damage is to module or carrier board… this means your power usage is over the spec of NX module…

My understanding is: for the development kit, the 5000mA current setting is more appropriate, and the current exceeding 5000ma may cause damage to the development kit.
Our customized carrier board can provide a maximum current of 8A to the core module. Can I set it to 7000ma?

Please just follow the guide.

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