System throttled due to Over-Currnet

Hi, We are making real time rtsp inference application

when using JetPack 5.1.1, I know nvv4l2dec has some trouble, so nvdec doesn’t work normally

so I have downgrade to JetPack 5.1

the phenomenon is when I run our application, System throttled due to Over-current occured, and NVDEC clock going to low

so we couldn’t reach process fps that expected.

How could solve this problem?

We would suggest upgrade to latest Jetpack 5.1.2 and refer to developer guide for using hardware decoder nvv4l2decoder plugin:
Accelerated GStreamer — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

Please refer to examples in gstreamer user guide and give it a try.

Thanks for reply

but problem is application performance is lower or same with TX2

This is possible if the use-case mainly uses CPU cores. TX2 may have better CPU capability when comparing to Xavier NX.

but we using nvv4l2dec in deepstream pipeline, and doing inference in gpu

and is that means TX2 has better cpu cores than XavierNX?

Xavier NX is designed for low-power use-cases and maximum capability is 6 CPU cores at 1.4GHz:

TX2 in MAXN mode has 4 cores at 2.0GHz:

Without considering power consumption, it is possible to get deviation in CPU capability.

If you use custom board, please use power estimator to tune a power mode for the use-case:

I’ve changed device to orin NX and Installed Jetpack 5.1.2
There is no OverCurrent message in Kernel message, but Over Current message box appears on display
It seems nvdec has throttled and reboot…
How could solve it?

Please create a topic in Orin NX category and share the steps for reproducing it on developer kit. We will check further.

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