System time is restored to default value each time PX2 reboot

Each time the PX2 reboot, TagraA’s system time is restored to a default time, and I have to set it manually every time.
Could anyone tell me how to solve the problem, please?
Thanks a lot!

Dear sunyongjian,

The “reboot” you mentioned is warm reboot? or cold reboot?

Hello SteveNV,
Thanks for your reply.
I mean cold reboot(power off and on).

Dear sunyongjian,

Unfortunately, there is no RTC in DPX2.
If use cold reboot DPX2, it is expected behavior.
BTW, if DPX2 is connected to the internet and “Time & Date set Automatically from the internet” on Linux OS, you don’t need to set it manually every time. Thanks.