System Update Not Responding Control Panel

Has anyone else had issues with the new control panel? Currently I can’t get the system update to work in the control panel. It just hangs.

Windows XP SP3
XFX 790i Ultra
All the newest drivers and software updates

me too worked fine first week then nothing just hangs


vista 32bit


dual 8800gts 512

anyone have a solution???

I have the same problem. The last update I made was on 11/20/08. So far I can’t find a reason why everything in the NVIDIA Control Panel works except the "Update Your System Drivers’ option. it just hangs and then eventually goes to 'Not Responding. :wacko:

I have a dual boot system with Vista & XP 32 bit on seperate hard drives and it isn’t working on either.

Anyone have any ideas?

same exact issue, and adding that i made the mistake to put that i want to check periodically for drivers updates… PUM i cannot even enter to the option anymore…

I have the same problem!!!

I keep uninstalling this latest driver. If i go back to old drivers my sli works great via gpu-z. Both cards get a load. Every time i download the latest software my control panel freezes and my sli does not work. Fix it Nvidia!!!

8 core amd
8 gigs ram
geforce 580s x2 sli
asus crosshair mobo