System will boot into the UEFI menu in a few cases

I use Jetson Linux 35.1 for Jetson Xavier NX.
The system will boot into the UEFI menu in a few cases. It will boot normally most time.
The Jetson Xavier NX doesn’t connect any keyboard or other peripherals but the Power.
What causes a system to enter the UEFI menu? Is it related to the power supply?

Hello @leavs_o and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

This might actually be a support case, but I will first refer you to the dedicated Jetson forums on this server.


Hi leavs,

Are you using the devkit from NVIDIA or custom board?

UEFI menu could be entered through key board or serial console.

The default auto boot time is 5 second.
Could you try to set auto boot time to 0 and see if the issue would get improved?
Boot Maintenance Manager → Auto Boot Time-out → Change value to 0 → Press F10 to Save

Hi KevinFFF,
Thanks for your quick reply.
We are using a custom board, I will try to change the auto boot time to 0 to check and back with result.
Another question, does it relate to our power supply? I mean, will the board enter to UEFI menu if the power supply is not stable?

Thanks for your trial.

It should not relate to power supply.

Hi KevinFFF,
Sorry to late to give you some feedback as we deal with some other questions.
Now we come back to test the UEFI issue.
I catched some logs which can share with you.
We found that the system will reboot automaticly some times after power on when use special power adapter comes from Power Module in Case. But when we use other power adapter, this issue is not replicated.

But we found the follow auto reboot log
** WARNING: Test Key is used. **
ASSERT [TerminalDxe] /dvs/git/dirty/git-master_linux/out/nvidia/bootloader/uefi/Jetson_RELEASE/edk2/MdeModulePkg/Universal/Console/TerminalDxe/TerminalConIn.c(2078): ((BOOLEAN)(0==1))

Resetting the system in 5 seconds.
?釹hutdown state requested 1
Rebooting system …

for detail log, you can check that I attached.
I attached two log file, one is that the system reboot automaticly 1 times and enter system after power on.
the other one is that the system reboot automaticly 2 times and enter UEFI mode.

Can you help explain the reboot log?

Auto_Reboot_1times_enter_System.txt (94.2 KB)
Auto_Reboot_2times_enter_UEFI.txt (70.0 KB)

Does the two adapter output the same power? What’s the power(voltage, current) of them?

This log seems boot up and enter into desktop successfully.

This log seems coming with assertion in UEFI.
You might need to enable the debug message in UEFI to know the details.

Or you could just update to latest JP5.1.1 to check if the issue still exists.

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