T1000 8gb

Trying to enable directx 12 and use pathtracer of twinmotion with an t1000 8gb. Does anyone have experience with the specific gpu and twinmotion? Any idea why I can’t enable pathtracer?

Hello and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums @nzorgias.

Based on the system requirements this should work. Did you verify that DX12 is shown both in dxdiag as well as in Twinmotion directly?

I guess you already checked the requirements pages, so that should be covered.

Does the GPU get recognized correctly as an 8GB card in your system?
Did you try the NVIDIA Studio Driver instead of the Game Ready Drivers? (And which version do you use?)

It might also be worth checking the Unreal forums if there are threads about issues regarding path-tracing in Twinmotion.

Beyond that I am not sure what the reason might be.

BTW, since this is about UE Twinmotion, should we move the topic to the Unreal section? Engines - NVIDIA Developer Forums