T23x_init_gating_regs: Timed out waiting for syncpt ram init!

In the log of the devkit, there is an error message. I would like to clarify the following points:

What is the meaning and purpose of this error message?
What functionality does this timeout affect?

Can someone help answer question?

Does the system get any impact or you just want to ask one log you saw?

I won’t know if it has any impact on the system. If it’s not a critical error message, you may answer me that it can be ignored if it doesn’t affect the system.

I will inquire about all the error messages on the development kit later. Of course, the best answer I can receive is that they don’t affect the system and can be ignored. Alternatively, it would be helpful if you could explain what functionality is associated with each message. For example, if the HDMI display is working fine or the CSI is functioning properly, then the message can be ignored. This is just an example, as I’m not an expert, so I appreciate your explanations. Thank you very much in advance.

Please share your full log file.

dmesg-jp502.txt (68.8 KB)

How about upgrading to latest BSP first? That error log is not fatal and is already resolved in latest release.

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