T4 vgpu remote vedio display with bad experence


I am a PhD student from Xian jiaotong university.

In a project we need provide hight quality remote vedio play.

And Our technique stack are:

1.T4 card with inspure server in nvidia support list

2.redhat 8.2 enterprise with kvm qemu

3.vgpu software package is 13.x

4.vw flavor is 8u 16G. with 40 storage. vgpu license is vpc ,and vgpu is B-2b

Our problem is that when we play the 4k vedio and connect it from local host server or remote server.

the screen will appear tear out in Vertical direction.

We have try most parameter setting we can find on nividia offical web .

Pls help us with this issue.

ps we also tried V100 card.