Tabbing out of Dota 2 freezes system (650M/Arch)

After upgrading to 370.23 running Dota 2 (I don’t have any other games installed atm so I can’t test) causes a complete system freeze when changing resolution, alt tabbing or losing focus.

I am running BSPWM for my window manager

Arch Linux 64bit
i7 3630QM @2.4GHz
GTX 650M
(Driver version : 370.23-4)
Window manager : BSPWM
Compositor : Compton

If I can provide any other information that could prove useful please let me know.

Also downgrading to 368 would work but after upgrading my kernel to 4.7.2 xorg doesn’t work with that driver for some reason.

Are you using vulkan renderer? Because similar issue is reported here:

I am using the Vulkan rendered, the issue appears to be very similar.