Tablet AR streaming through Omniverse

Hi there,

I’m trying to set up AR streaming through Omniverse using an iPad, but I’m struggling with setting up the server. Namely, the two extension I need to enable according to documentation - omni.kit.xr.profile.tabletar and omni.kit.xr - are nowhere to be seen in my list of extensions.

The guide says that Create enables these by default, but even so, I can’t seem to find the necessary settings to enable tablet streaming.

Any advice on what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks so much!

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Hello @imantslatkovskis! Appreciate you checking out Omniverse XR! Let me see if I can get you some help from the development team!

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We have identify issue with that latest version 2022.1 for this workflow
So for now I recommend working with 2021.3.8 when doing AR work
This version is working really well for that and you can follow the documention there
You can find this previous version in the launcher

We are working to correct the small issue for the update of Create coming out soon

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Hi @dfagnou, my launcher only shows the latest version for installation.

In the latest launcher version you should be able to pick up earlier version in the Exchange tag, where you see the version the drop drown will show all build enabling you to pick older one that you main not have installed before

I’ve tried tablet AR on my iPad Pro - with Lidar. Using Create 2021.3.8 Not working as expected. App freezes when tapping the grid. I believe my firewall settings are incorrect and allowing the app kit.exe correctly.

i am not sure why you would have issue but we have addressed a lot of small little things and improve experience for the new version of Create 2022…3.1 due toward the end of the month , probably best to wait for that as it will improve the overall experience

I was able to fix the issue eventually. Initially I was trying different IP addresses from the drop down list. Eventually I checked the ipconfig and worked out the IP address of the machine. Using the correct IP address fixed the issue as expected!