Tablet support issue

Seems that Wacom tablet is not supported for zooming in OmniGraph and Material graph. To reproduce:

Prerequisites & OS:
Wacom Intuos tablet 6.3.44-3 driver (Mouse right click is mapped to pen button)
Win 10 Pro

  • Launch Create app (2021.3.7)
  • From Omnigraph menu launch editor
  • RMB in graph and create any node
  • Alt+RMB pen button + drag to zoom in graph

Doesn’t work. This work properly in viewport. Additionaly, I was unable to find a keyboard shortcut or combo to do zooming with keyboard , no mouse here :)

This issue also renders material graph unusable since initial zoom level is huge

Hello @hsrdelic! Thanks for reporting this issue to us. I have created an internal ticket (OM-42130) so that our dev team can improve your experience with OmniGraph. Thanks for reaching out to us!