Tachyon Optix-Rendering not available in NVIDIA driver in Ubuntu 20.04/22.04/22.10 through WSL2

Dear developers,
I am trying to use VMD (https://www.ks.uiuc.edu/Research/vmd/) software in Ubuntu 20.04LTS/22.04LTS/22.10 through WSL2 installed in windows11.
I installed nvidia-cuda-toolkit manually from website.
I used command-line option also, apt install nvidia-cuda-toolkit.
I built OptixSDK library too.
Still, I amgetting following error while executing VMD.

May be, somehow, the nividia driver available in WSL2 is not same as it available in original linux (e.g. ubuntu20.04/22.04/22.10).
May be Optix-related libraries are missing in nvidia driver of wsl2.

Please look into this and help me to fix so that tachyon Optix rendering will be possible in VMD.