Tacotron 2 TRTIS: Is it possible support non-English language like Vietnamese in trtis_cpp?

I am following the Text-To-Speech Services deploy guide - “Getting a Real Time Factor Over 60 for Text-To-Speech Services Using NVIDIA Jarvis” (https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/getting-real-time-factor-over-60-for-text-to-speech-using-jarvis/).

I have successfully deployed and inference with Tacotron 2 and Waveglow in English, however when switching to Vietnamese model, I got an error when inference when client sent text with Vietnamese language characters. However the inference succeeded with English characters. I changed /models/tacotron2waveglow/config.pbtxt, /models/tacotron2waveglow/mapping.txt with Vietnamese characters, /engines and engines were converted from the Vietnamese Tacotron 2 model.

The error I got on the trtserver side: “Error Exception in CustomContext :: execute (): Could not find ‘(195)’ in the alphabet.”
Thanks for help!


Hi @ttscolab,
I think by default it takes by default english_cleaner

You might have to use transliteration_cleaners instead: DeepLearningExamples/cleaners.py at bd257e1494adce448a685da2c898c0a05d40cde8 · NVIDIA/DeepLearningExamples · GitHub


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Thanks @SunilJB , but i used basic_cleaners when I inference with Pytorch model. No Error occurred.

Hi @ttscolab

basic_cleaners is just a “Basic pipeline that lowercases and collapses whitespace without transliteration”
transliteration_cleaners is “Pipeline for non-English text that transliterates to ASCII.”

It’s recommended to use transliteration_cleaners for non-English text, but based on the use case you can experiment with basic_cleaners as well.