TADP 2.0r5 installer failed

There’s no mention of it anywhere, but the file “quaddUninstall.exe” needs .NET 4 to run. Maybe other files use .NET too, but the installer fails at that point anyway with an unknown error.

It would be nice if this prerequisite was mentioned somewhere because there’s no way of telling why the installation failed otherwise.

When the installation fails it also unnecessarily deletes the 1.78GB of files it just downloaded. Kind of a big deal when I can only download at 250KB/s. I made sure I backed them up the second time. :)

The relevant log output which is pretty cryptic…

Preparing to Install
Preparing to Install
Executing E:\Apps\nvpack/tadp_download/quaddUninstall.exe 
Script exit code: unknown signal

Script output:
Script stderr:
 child killed: unknown signal

Error running E:\Apps\nvpack/tadp_download/quaddUninstall.exe  : child killed: unknown signal

hi fig2k4,
I am sorry about it for your. We will improve it in the next release.
currently,I recommend you to install .net 4.5. due to Nsight Tegra would need it.

Thanks victorli.

I mostly posted the info here in case other people had the same problem. It’s probably uncommon not to have .NET installed nowadays but for people that don’t use it, hopefully my post helps them out.