tadp-3.0r3 failed to download Cygwin

I have just tried to install the latest tadp and the installer has downloaded lots of files, but now seems to be stuck downloading Cygwin. After 10 attempts I get “Unable to reconnect. The max number of retries has been exhausted. Please check your internet and proxy settings”. Clicking OK on this error message shows that the downloadHelper.exe is failed to download http://developer.download.nvidia.com/devzone/devcenter/mobile/tadp300/001/windows/cygwin-x64.zip with Program ended with an error exit code.

Please help. As I am now stuck without the android tools with project dates looming.



*** EDIT ***
I have resolved this problem. It seemed to be an over active virus checker. I would suggest that you disable a virus checker when downloading the TADP files.

Hi Nigel,
Thanks for your information and suggestion. We will do some action to fix this issue in future.

Best Wishes.

How to resolve it? can you tell me step by step. Please. i also want to install. and i am stuck with a project date…