TADP 4.0r1 problem with Eclipse


I just installed TADP 4.0r1 and there is a mismatch between the installed Eclipse, which is for java 32-bit, and the JDK, which is java 1.7.0_71 64-Bit.

Of course that means Eclipse doesn’t start. Instead I get a panel with the “Java was started but returned exit code=13” message.

Can I install Eclipse over the one installed? or should I install it elsewere?

Additionally, could I install Eclipse Luna (with a separate JDK 8)?

Thanks for any help, or pointers.

Hi User rb07,

Thanks for your feedback.

You cannot install Eclipse over the one installed. To be safe, please delete the installed one and then installed or install in another place.

Yes, you can install Eclipse Luna and JDK 8.

Thanks for the reply.

There’s is another problem, the installed Eclipse is customized, that’s why I was asking about installing over the wrong version, so the customization can be preserved.

I’ve already done the separate installation, no problem with that. But being an Android newbie I don’t know if its enough to follow the documentation’s “Development Tools” section (since the docs talk about the already customized version).