TADP for Nexus9 wishlist..

I see anouncement of Nexus 9 with tegra k1 64 bit and I’m interested to see if a updated TADP suppors fully Nexus 9 new ARM64 Android 5.0 target, i.e. new ARM64 apps can be profiled with Tegra System Profiler, debugged with either Nsight for Tegra for CUDA apps or Tegra Graphics Debugger for GL ES apps… etc…
also I post a wishlist to what to improve in the SDK… hope a update can be done with some of the wishes:
1)update CUDA from 6.0 to 6.5 or newer with support for Android ARM64 target…
2)provide OpenCV for ARM 64bit libraries
3)add Visionworks SDK to TADP
4)OpenCL libs?
5)Physx: provide ARM64 Android libs, and also PhysX GPU accel for Android as since few days Physx is GPU accelerated also on Linux in addition to Windows…
6) update to OpenGL 4.5 driver just for equality to PC plaforms

Hi, User oscardbg

Thannks for the interest in TADP. Yes, we are going to release an updated TADP very soon.

For the detailed questions you listed, the answers could vary before we shipped it out. In short we will always provide up to date tools support to developers.

Another infomation for you is that Nexus 9 is not a right platform for CUDA. Release by Google, there is no CUDA support for this device.

Have on question for you now that Nexus 9 and TADP is released… altough CUDA is not officially supported I see on the factory image there is libnvcompute.so which seems is equal to libcuda.so as has all CUDA 6.5 entrypoints… as I don’t have the tablet and purchase could depend on answer of that, linking to that library and getting entrypoints could be a way to unofficially have access to CUDA on Nexus 9? I say because I also see libnvcompute on lib64 folder so we can test also on ARM64 mode…
similarly I see a libGL.so which seems to have all function pointers of a full OpenGL 4.4 driver…
so plans Nvidia to post instructions of UNOFFICIALLY have access to CUDA and full OpenGL 4.4 support which seems present on factory image…
One suggestion would be to similar to Qualcomm which offers regularly updates to it’s graphics drivers for Nexus devices search:
“User-mode driver binaries for Qualcomm Adreno 3xx GPU on Nexus 4, 5 & 7 devices running Google Android 4.4.4 KitKat”
if Nvidia plans to offer such updates to Nexus 9 developers in the way could offer OpenGL 4.5 on Nexus 9 which seems nonbeta drivers are arriving very soon on the desktop…
Hope you can answer…

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So far I am extremely disappointed with my Nexus 9, it’s performance under Android is no where near what I’m getting with my Nvidia Shield, the battery life is just horrendous, I mean it’s bad for a tablet, between 4 and 4.5 hours, the build quality is subpar and the display has way to much bleeding around the edges. So I am now desperately waiting for a Denver development board like my Jetson, are their plans on releasing one anytime soon? I’m going to return the Nexus 9, it’s just a really bad tablet, especially for the price, 400 dollars for a 16GB Android tablet that actually lags more than my Nexus 7 (2013) and doesn’t have any extras like Mini SD, HDMI out, ect, is just not worth it. This is for anyone reading, buy the Nvidia Shield and stay away from the Nexus 9, it’s just a better tablet in every single way possible and I have Linux running on it with all of the available CUDA libraries and tools. The HDMI out allows me to easily use it as a desktop computer as well. I also recently ordered an HP ChromeBook 14 G3, Nvidia K1, 4GB RAM, 1080P which I will I also install Linux on it to and use it as a CUDA development machine. I hope Nvidia reads this, guys, Google screwed up your Denver release, please hurry up and release a Denver dev board or even an updated Shield Tablet would be much appreciated, show HTC how it’s done as the Nexus 9 is an embarrassment of the highest order. I normally keep quite about such things but I just couldn’t this time.

Hi, User oscarbg

To be simple, Nexus 9 doesn’t support CUDA and OGL 4.4. The things you have revealed by yourself don’t mean the full support on it.

Hi, calden
Sorry, we cannot disclose more for you at current time. Good to know Shield meets your requirements. We willdo better.


I can’t get any apps with opencv to run on the nexus 9. Is there a opencv for tegra release yet that works on a 64 bit? If not is there one in the works?

TADP has opencv tegra release package.

That’s what I’m using. It still doesn’t work.

So is the Denver K1 in the Nexus9 a real Tegra K1 chip or not?!? I bought an N9 specifically because of the marketing hype of nvidia graphics and 64bit. Now you say there’s no GL 4.4? WHY? You market tegra K1 games yet Trine2, HL2, and Portal won’t work on the N9? WHY? Did I buy a tetra k1 chip or not? Not gonna lie, I am angry! But all I really want to know is should I return the N9 or will this all be resolved in the VERY near future? Feeling really misled and let down by both nvidia and google!

Somebody at nvidia needs to answer the question from TechieDJ. I sold my shield tablet and bought the Nexus 9 thinking inwas making an upgrade. Right now i feel like its a big downgrade. We want to know what going on!!!

Hi, Users

The K1 Chip does support OpenGL 4.4 and CUDA from the hardware side. The problem is that HTC made the device and Google controlled the software for that device.

For Nexus 9, using AEP (Android Extension Pack) you can still achieve a lot graphics boost on K1 as using the modern OpenGL APIs.

So your saying the capability is in the Denver K1 processor, and nvidia has the drivers and libraries needed to implement GL 4.4 available, BUT, we need Google to include and enable them in the system images if they will?

User TechieDJ

Right, Google didn’t enable those. It sells AEP. Using AEP, Nexus 9 is the good choice.

Well then we need to complain to google, together! I found an open issue about this. Please everybody, click on the link and star this issue, maybe somebody at Google will wake up and see this: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=80512

This is really disappointing. Who’s responsible for adding support?

I am OpenCV developer and like to start on GPU and CUDA development with OpenCV. I am asking if NVIDIA Shield devise is running OpenCV and is it a good support for such development. Does some have experience with NVIDIA Shield?
Thank you


Just read about this. Does the Project Tango Development Kit supports CUDA programming?