TADP installation failure in both win7 and win8

I tried TADP installation in both win7 and win8 platform. In both cases, error occurs.
Please find the log file contents below. Any suggestions? thanks.

Executing cmd /c msiexec /i 2.2.19053983-win-x64.msi /q /l*vx “C:\Users\dev\tegraprofiler.log” INSTALLDIR=C:\NVPACK\Tegra_Profiler_2.2
Script exit code: 1633

Script output:
T h i s i n s t a l l a t i o n p a c k a g e i s n o t s u p p o r t e d b y t h i s p r o c e s s o r t y p e . C o n t a c t y o u r p r o d u c t v e n d o r .

Script stderr:
Program ended with an error exit code

Error running cmd /c msiexec /i 2.2.19053983-win-x64.msi /q /l*vx “C:\Users\dev\tegraprofiler.log” INSTALLDIR=C:\NVPACK\Tegra_Profiler_2.2: Program ended with an error exit code

What platform are you running TADP on? Win32 or Win64?


Hi, Thanks for your reply. Windows8 is 64 bit, and windows7 is 32 bit.
Since the installation failure occurs in version 3.0r4, I tried the earlier version, 2.0r9, which finishes the installation in win7.
When I try the C++ Native language example, the download and program running are successful, and the break point for java language part works as expected. The problem is that none of the BP set in the C++ program takes effect.
I must have missed something important. Could you give me some suggestions or link to C++ debugger setup for android? Many Thanks in advance.

hello sir, i am trying to install TADP 4.0r2 in my windows 7 ultimate 32bit by intaller and i have download all components but when i click next a eroor says" Error occurs during intallation android sdk base Return code 1"…
what to do.??

Hi User vidit,

First sorry for the inconvenience that has taken to you. Actually we do not support windows 7 32bit in TADP 4.0r2.
Here is the supported operating systems list:

Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Windows 7 (64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.9
Ubuntu Linux x64 (v12.04, v14.04)

Any more question, please let me know.