Tao-converter Deep Stream5.1 jetson nano

trying to convert .ettl file to tensorrt engine file the log shows success but the file doesn’t appear on the directory.
tao-converter -d 3,384,1248 -k tlt_encode -o output_cov/Sigmoid,output_bbox/BiasAdd -e /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-5.1/samples/configs/output.engine resnet10_detector.etlt

[INFO] Some tactics do not have sufficient workspace memory to run. Increasing workspace size may increase performance, please check verbose output.
[INFO] Detected 1 inputs and 2 output network tensors.
Jetson Nano 4GB
jetpack 4.5.1
Tao-converter 4.5 (jetson+DGPU)

Above implies the engine is generated. Please check the pwd folder.

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