Tao-converter engine output with profilingVerbosity=kDETAILED

While converting an .etlt model to a .engine file with tao-converter, my hope was to take the resulting engine file and use the IEngineInspector API that is used in JSON form as an input for TREx in order to visualize the network. However, the output has to correspond to profilingVerbosity=kDETAILED, which is a parameter you can set in trtexec while generating an engine file. It seems that even when profiling the tao-converter output with profilingVerbosity=kDETAILED, because the .engine file was not generated in trtexec with that parameter. Is there any way to enable this with tao-converter?

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Currently, the tao-converter does not support this parameter.

For engine inspect , you can find info via below way.
$ python -m pip install colored
$ python -m pip install polygraphy --index-url [https://pypi.ngc.nvidia.com]
$ polygraphy inspect model your.engine

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