TAO DetectNet_v2 doc KITTI Converter Parameter


I think, that there is a false parameter name in the documentation, because the description does not belongs to it IMO.

image_directory_path: The path to the dataset root. The image_dir_name is appended to this path to get the input images and must be the same path specified in the experiment spec file.

Please correct me, if I am wrong, but I think that the description belongs to root_directory_path and not to image_directory_path.
And what is the difference between the root_directory_path and the image_directory_path?

Steps To Reproduce

Hi @nkaaf ,
We request you to raise the concern on Issues · triton-inference-server/server · GitHub.
Thank you

Hi @AakankshaS ,

I think, that this Issue belongs more to the topic “Accelerated Computing” → “Intelligent Video Analytics” → “TAO Toolkit”.
Could you please move it there, because I cannot do it?

Thank you very much :)

Please refer to DetectNet_v2 - NVIDIA Docs.

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