TAO Hardware Requirements


I am narrowing down a list of computers that would be a good fit for the use of deetsptream and TAO. I know that the GPU compute capability has to be above 6.1 for TAO use and 5.3 for deepstream use. But in the TAO hardware requirements, it is mentioned that it needs:

  • 32 GB system RAM
  • 32 GB of GPU RAM

How crucial are these two requirements and what happens if I go for a computer with 16 GB of RAM and 6 GB of GPU RAM, or even 32 GB of RAM and 8 GB of GPU RAM?


It is recommended value. For minimum, according to 2.0 user guide Requirements and Installation — Transfer Learning Toolkit 2.0 documentation

  • 4 GB system RAM
  • 4 GB of GPU RAM

If GPU RAM is not enough, OOM may happen under some specific cases, for example, larger batch-size, input size,etc.

Thanks, that was so helpful.

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