TAO Pretrained Classification Class information

Hi, I’d like to infer using the models above.

In the page, It mentioned that "It is trained on a subset of the Google OpenImages dataset. " …

Can I get more detailed information on the training set, or class information?

I’m even more curious that the trained model is for pretrained classification, or for just backbone of the other models such as detection,

the models are quite old, so I wonder I can get the right answer though.

Please let me know if you have any clues.


For the public Google Open Images dataset, we reviewed a subset of images in each class and selected 176 classes with less noisy images and larger number of images. Then images with aspect ratio greater than 3 and W or H less than 100 pixels are eliminated. Finally, we got roughly 400K training images.
The pre-trained weights are trained on Open Image datasets, and they provide a much better starting point for training versus starting from a random initialization of weights. Refer to Overview - NVIDIA Docs and Overview - NVIDIA Docs.

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Thanks for prompt reply Morgan. Could I get the class information as well?

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There are

 Airplane          Bus                  Cookie        Flower             Jellyfish          Orange          'Sea turtle'      Taxi
 Antelope          Butterfly           'Cowboy hat'   Football           Kite               Owl              Sheep           'Teddy bear'
 Apple             Cabinetry            Crab         'Football helmet'   Lamp               Oyster           Shellfish        Tent
 Backpack          Cake                 Crocodile    'French fries'      Lantern           'Palm tree'       Shorts           Tie
 Balloon           Camera               Deer          Frog               Lavender           Parachute        Shrimp           Tiger
 Banana            Candle               Desk          Giraffe            Lemon              Parrot           Sink             Toilet
 Barrel            Cannon               Dinosaur      Girl               Lifejacket         Pen              Skateboard       Tomato
'Baseball glove'   Canoe                Dog           Goat              'Light bulb'        Penguin          Skirt            Tortoise
 Bed               Carrot               Dolphin       Goggles            Lighthouse         Piano            Snake           'Traffic light'
 Bee               Castle               Door          Goose              Lily               Pig              Sock             Train
 Beer              Cat                  Dragonfly     Grape              Lion               Pillow           Sparrow          Tripod
 Beetle            Cello                Drawer        Guitar             Lipstick           Pizza            Spider           Truck
 Bicycle           Chair                Dress         Hamburger          Lizard             Plate            Spoon            Umbrella
'Bicycle helmet'   Chicken              Drum          Handbag            Maple              Pumpkin          Squirrel         Van
 Boat             'Christmas tree'      Duck         'Harbor seal'       Microphone         Rabbit           Stairs           Vase
 Book              Clock                Eagle         Helicopter        'Mobile phone'      Rifle            Strawberry      'Vehicle registration plate'
 Bookcase          Coat                 Egg          'High heels'        Monkey            'Roller skates'   Sunflower        Violin
 Boot              Cocktail             Elephant      Horse              Motorcycle         Rose             Sunglasses       Whale
 Bowl             'Coffee cup'          Falcon        House              Muffin             Sandwich         Sushi            Wheelchair
 Box               Coin                 Fedora       'Ice cream'         Mushroom           Saxophone        Swan             Whiteboard
 Bread            'Computer keyboard'   Fish          Jacket             Necklace           Sculpture       'Swimming pool'   Window
 Bull             'Computer monitor'    Flag          Jeans             'Office building'  'Sea lion'        Tank             Zebra

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