TAO v3.22.05 Toolkit visualization tensorboard not running with 2 results directories

I am trying to run the tensorboard visualization tool and I cant get 2 result directories to run at same time

I can get a single result directory to run in tensor board By running something like this:

tensorboard --logdir experiment_dir_unpruned --host --port 8080

When I use the following example to try and get 2 results directories to run in tensorboard

tensorboard --logdir test:experiment_dir_unpruned,test2:experiment_dir_retrain --host --port 8080

I get a “No dashboards are active for the current data set” when I try to run the jupyter notebook.

Please try below as well.
$ tensorboard --logdir_spec=test:experiment_dir_unpruned,test2:experiment_dir_retrain --host --port 8080

That works.
Thank you

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