Tapping PLC Signals to Jetson Nano

I am working on a Industrial Automation Project involving PLC.Since the PLC does not have OPC UA for communication.I am planning to physically tap all I/O of PLC into the JetsonNano GPIO.PLC are operating at 24V.I know the jetson nano accepts upto 5V.If I use a load shifter or level shifter will it technically work? Is there any other method?

The voltage level should match between your device and Jetson nano. Regarding the interface design, please refer to Jetson nano OEM Design Guide in DLC.

Thanks Trumany. Example : I physically tap a Digital Output Module of the PLC which is operating in 24V and use load shifter to reduce it to 3.3 V and interface it with GPIO pin and then read the data in the software is that correct?

It should work in theory.

@Trumany Thanks for your reply. Which is best method/device to convert 24V DC PLC Output to 3.3V for GPIO pin?

We have no such recommendation. You can search in open market.