Target crashes on Fedora 21

I have two machines running Fedora 21. If I ,or the Nvidia Linux Graphics Debugger, launch any OpenGL program (including glxinfo) with preloaded on either machine, then it will crash in a glx function.

On a machine with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti GPU, using the proprietary Nvidia drivers version 352.30, then it will jump to address 0 in any use of glXMakeCurrent after producing this output:

NGD: Starting GTI initialization...
NGD: Graphics interception initialized

On a machine with an AMD R9 GPU, using fglrx 15.20.1046, then it will exit with status code 0377 from glXChooseVisual after producing this output:

NGD: Starting GTI initialization...
Found but it does not appear to be an Nvidia driver library.
NGD: Fatal Error: Cannot find any system GLX library.

If I connect to a host running Ubuntu 14.04, I don’t get these crashes.

I got a similar issue on Debian system. A null segmentation fault using Nvidia driver.

I did a strace and it seems that it try to open cuda before the crash. So I installed the libcuda and the crash is gone. Hope it can help you.

Thanks. Installing the xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-cuda package from rpmfusion-nonfree got past the crash when using the Nvidia driver.