Target Impedance of VDD in Jetson Xavier NX

What is the target impedance of the VDD line in Jetson Xavier NX SOM?
Also what is the ripple voltage and dynamic load current?

Please refer to the Xavier NX module datasheet in DLC for the info. There is no special impedance request for power rail line, and the IDDmax is 5A.

I cannot find the ripple voltage in datasheet. Where can I get it?

Please refer to the Operating and Absolute Maximum Ratings in DC Characteristics chapter.


Target impedance and ripple voltage requirements for supply rails are required as we are developing a custom board and need to perform power integrity simulations (considering board and SOM). These details are not available in operating and absolute ratings.

Please provide the above details required…

We are checking this internally, will update once available. Before that, you can refer to P3509 power part for custom design.