Tasks' status is not changed after completion

I have a job that executes a python script and the “Success return codes” in the job definition is set to 0. The job definition was created using the web interface Omniverse Agent Job Management that the Agent provides.

When I send a new job to the queue (using the requests module from another Python script) the status is set to Pending, and after a few seconds it changes to Starting, so far so good.

But when my script execution is completed the status is not changed. In the log it says: “Process exited with return code: 0” but the status remains Starting, how do I make sure it will change to Completed (or whatever they call it)?

I am getting the same issue, did you manage to fix it?

I do not know which version of Farm Agent and Queue you are using, but I had the same issue on agent 104.1 and queue 104.1.
I updated them to version 105, and it started working fine. Hope it will resolve your issue