TC358840 and ADV7482

Where can I buy the Toshiba TC358840 chips? Which supplier can provide this chip? Where can I buy the ADV7482 development board? And where can I get the TC358840 and ADV7482 kernel driver?



We have developed an evaluation hardware for the TC358840 on the TX1 platform:

You can check out our drivers at:

Hi, kamm

Do you have the TC358840 chip? We need some TC358840 chips.

Thank you!

I am pretty sure all of Toshiba’s TC3xx chips are only sold by Toshiba directly (no distro) and only in larger quantities (a few thousand at least).

I would recommend you to talk with @Auvidea about it:


Hi, kamm

Where can I buy the HDMI2CSI Board?
I have sent email to rosn and gelk, but no one back.


Hi hzq

You should receive an answer email shortly.



ok, Thanks!

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