Tcpdump commands not working on SN2410


I am following the following reference for using tcpdump on the SN2410 switch.
Mellanox Interconnect Community

The following command doesn’t work on the switch :

tcpdump -i eth1.0

Can you please tell me if this document is targeted for a particular switch or is it something wrong in my configuration?

Here are the details of my ethernet port:
Admin state : Enabled
Operational state : Up
Last change in operational status: 1d and 15:33:40 ago (7 oper change)
Boot delay time : 0 sec
Description : N\A
Mac address : ec:0d:9a:5f:d8:3c
MTU : 1500 bytes (Maximum packet size 1522 bytes)
Fec : auto
Flow-control : receive off send off
Actual speed : 10 Gbps
Auto-negotiation : Disabled
Width reduction mode : Unknown
Switchport mode : hybrid
MAC learning mode : Enabled
Forwarding mode : inherited cut-through

Telemetry sampling: Disabled TCs: N\A
Telemetry threshold: Disabled TCs: N\A
Telemetry threshold level: N\A

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The article was for L3 ports only.
In this case - you have a L2 port (in switchport mode)
Please try the below

tcpdump -i ethsl1p1
In any case the traffic you will see - will be only cpu ingress/egress traffic, not traffic forwarded by HW

and if it’s not working - please provide the switch software version:

show version concise


It doesn’t work. Here are the details:

ualloc-mlnx2 [standalone: master] (config) # tcpdump -i ethsl1p1
tcpdump: ethsl1p1: No such device exists
(SIOCGIFHWADDR: No such device)
ualloc-mlnx2 [standalone: master] (config) # show version concise
X86_64 3.6.8190 2018-11-05 19:20:10 x86_64

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This version is tool old.
Plrase try using 3.9.x or 3.10.x


Can you please provide me a link to the instructions to upgrade the version?

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Please open a case with the support team by sending an email to: