TcpSubscriber.cpp@158 failed to connect while execution of Cart Delivery example

I’m having some issues with the execution of the Cart delivery example from the ISAAC-SIM Documentation. The TcpSubscriber in Isaac-Sim don’t connect with the Isaac-Sdk (see below)

while running the bazel run command on the isaac-sdk, aI’m also experiencing some issues, that I can’t resolve

bazel run packages/cart_delivery/apps:cart_delivery – --map_json apps/assets/maps/virtual_test_warehouse_1.json --pose2_planner “”

here some extra infos:

Did you happen to start the Robot Engine Bridge (REB) in Isaac Sim itself? It seems like SDK is trying to reach out to it but Isaac Sim OV is not accepting the connection which could be because it hasn’t started its server. Are you running these inside Docker containers perhaps where they would not be visible to each other over network? With Isaac Sim running, worth checking if it is listening on port 55000: sudo netstat -tlp | grep 55000

There was also an error about not finding the TensorRT Engine Plan which it should be generating. Do you know which GPU you’re running on in x86? Most of the surrounding logs should be unrelated to the problem for this topic. If it helps, you can post a separate thread on this issue once the connection issue is resolved.

while running this code, when the Isaac Sim and Isaac SDK are active, the console shows this messages:

Im not availabe to run any SDK application with isaac sim … @hemals can you please help me out