TDAP 2.0-r7 Installer fails to download components


I cannot install any 2.0 version of the Tegra Android Development Tools for Windows as the installer always fails to download the components.
I think this happens because I have to set a proxy (due to corporate network). The installer for version 1.0 asks for a proxy (download of components succeeds), the one for version 2.0 does not.
Does anyone know how to solve this?



Sorry for the inconvenience that has taken to you. We have removed the proxy setting page in this version due to we use the new download tools. But you can set environment value “http_proxy” manually to use the proxy downloading.
FYI: you can set “http_proxy=” or “http_proxy= http://username:password@”. Then use the installer , it will use the proxy to download components.
Any more question please let me know.

Thanks & Best wishes.

Thank you very much! That solved the problem for me.

Best wishes