TDP in Max-N mode


The TDP in Max-Q and Max-P modes has been documented by NVIDIA at

I would like to know the TDP in Max-N mode where all the system clocks seem to be at their maximum (

Can someone from NVIDIA please publish this number?
Is it safe to assume that this is the worst-case TDP of Jetson TX2 module?

Thanks !

It looks like Max-N is the same as “max clocks” in the table two-thirds down that article, where the highest power consumption of the model is shown as 12.8W.
However, that article doesn’t look normative to me – it shows “typical” values and nobody has yet managed to get nVIDIA to provide an official, worst-case, maximum number.

Comment from is that users of Jetson TX2 don’t have an official worst case TDP number (and the max-P/max-Q TDP numbers shouldn’t be taken as normative). I don’t think that the comment was intended to be an answer to my questions.

Below are the extracts from the first blog referred in my initial comment which I interpret to be the TDP envelopes of Max-Q mode to be 7.5W and Max-P mode to be 15W:

  1. “Jetson TX2 was designed for peak processing efficiency at 7.5W of power. This level of performance, referred to as Max-Q”
  2. “Max-P, the other preset platform configuration, enables maximum system performance in less than 15W”

I am asking for a similar max TDP envelope for Max-N mode from NVIDIA. I suppose it would have to be derived from characterization across several Jetson TX2 boards.

Thanks !

If you do, it would be great if you could come back and post the results in this thread!

Hi hbanuli, TX2 module power guidance is maximum 15W.

Thank you Trumany. Per your statement I suppose it is fair to say that Max-N power envelope on TX2 is 15W as well. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

Hi, I am also trying to figure out the power that would be required for the board. I am mounting this on a robot and haven’t yet chosen a battery. I have a ZED camera that requires 5V/380mA connected to this at the USB3.0 port, a multisense S7 camera powered separately that is connected to this via the Gigabit ethernet port and VLP-16 lidar that also needs to be connected to a 100Mbps ethernet connection. Please help me out with the connections and power that would be required for this. Thanks

So,the maximum power(at full loads or at MAX_N mode) of TX2 is 15W, right?