Teamviewer on Jetson Nano

Hello Guys

i am having some trouble running teamviewer on the nano

i did install it using a couple of guides, i set it up via terminal, i can see the computer running up, so i can connect, but as soon as i connect, the blue icon shows on the taskbar and then closes.

same happens if i manually open the app from the menu.

it says Aborted (core dumped) when run from terminal…

any ideas?

the first time i got my nano, i had success on this and was able to connect with no problem, but then i had to reflash the SD card and now i am having this issue

thanks in advance!!

This would need other users to share experience. Have searched online and found some links:
How to install Teamviewer on a Jetson Nano | by | Medium
Request: stable TeamViewer host release for NVidia Jetson Nano — TeamViewer Support

Should be easy:

cd <where_it_is_downloaded>
sudo apt install ./teamviewer-host_15.34.4_arm64.deb

thank you my friend!

wil. try


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