Tear-free video with compositing using VDPAU possible?

I have a G210 and have always had to disable compositing to get tear-free playback and good performance with the deinterlacers using VDPAU on whatever distro I was running. Is it possible to use compositing and still get perfect playback?

I think it depends on the compositor.

I’ve had success in the past, but in my experience, you can’t get tear-free anything with a GNOME3-based shell such as GNOME Shell, Unity, etc.

Which are you using?

Currently GNOME3 fallback mode in Fedora 17 as compositing is disabled in X. With compositing disabled I get perfectly smooth video even with the Advanced 2x de-interlacer. I believe I had to disable compositing in Ubuntu also but even then I couldn’t run the Advanced de-interlacer.

So, is this an issue with the nvidia driver?

This is going to become a big problem if so as more and more desktop environments require compositing to work at all.

Hi thecapsaicinkid,

Are you also experiencing these problems if the VDPAU window is fullscreen?


  • Pierre-Loup

Plagman, I’m not the OP, but I notice the same thing, and it does happen regardless of whether the video is windowed or fullscreen.



Any idea why then I cannot run the better vdpau de-interlacers with compositing enabled?