"Tearing" / corrupted video with IMX296 on the NX

I have a Vision Components IMX296 camera which has Nano drivers. On the Nano the camera works well. I ported these to the Xavier NX, and while it works to get streaming started, the video has a lot of tearing artifacts. Please see this video: https://bodanglysoftware-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/jrestifo_bodangly_com/EXl-4kqGvpxIsJmqPIkJCfoBx3bdOvqKFz-MUIPbV6Mz1A?e=Ipmecm

I am uploading the DTSI file as well: https://bodanglysoftware-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/jrestifo_bodangly_com/Ec7GFyK7cZNLoxJHAU5g_BgBTxqRvbQZumyqiVBOT-uFmg?e=v4JFpl

The pink image I understand is ISP tuning, this is no problem, but I cannot explain this image tearing. Does NVIDIA have any suggestions?

Bump - can anyone from NVIDIA please take a look at this?

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