"Tearing" in Mosaic setup with 4x2 fullHD screens


we have a video wall setup with 2 Quadro P4000 that are connected via SLI Bridge.
We created a mosaic setup for 8 displays and are now experiencing that the top 4 displays seem to be half a frame behind the bottom 4 displays.
we already changed the outputs of the graphics card around:
first setup: Top 4 screens on GPU1 - Bottom 4 screens on GPU2
second setup: Top 2 Bottom 2 Left on GPU1 - Top 2 Bottom 2 Right on GPU2

we thought it could be a problem with the sync between the gpus, but the problem as seen in the picture doesn’t change at all when switching around the cable connections to the monitors from GPU1 to GPU2.

Any ideas on why this doesn’t work synchronously?

The picture is supposed to show the setup of the 8 monitors (black) and the red line is a single vertical line. once animated, it starts to tear at the border of the screens. the faster the animation, the bigger the tear.

Hi l.seiler,

This is a known issue with some LCD monitors that have a slow response time. As the GPU scans out the first line of an update the display above will still be showing the scanout from line 1080 of the previous frame. With fast moving content it will appear that the each lower row is rendering a frame ahead.

Ryan Park