Technical issue about template(NIVDIA) from the Marketplace(google cloud)

In our project, we are using google cloud platform as our IT infrastructure and there is a technical issue about Template(NVIDIA GPU-Opimized VMI) from the Marketplace.

Currently, we are proceeding with the construction of a new instance for the next production operation.
Until now, we have been utilizing Ubuntu20 in the production environment, but in light of the fact that its Standard Support will end in April 2025, we are now working on transitioning the production environment to Ubuntu22.

In constructing this new environment, we plan to continue using instance templates from the Marketplace, as we have done so far. Until now, we have created instances using a specific template, but recently we searched for that template in the Marketplace and could not find it.

Template name: NVIDIA GPU-Opimized VMI

Furthermore, we checked NVIDIA’s official page, but we could not find any information about the discontinuation of this template on Google Cloud.

NGC on Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machines - NVIDIA Docs

Is the provision of this template temporarily suspended, or has it been completely discontinued?
If the provision is temporarily suspended, we would appreciate it if you could tell us if there is a possibility that it will be resumed.