Technical support for AURIX


AURIX user manual in Drive PX2 AutoCruise and AutoChauffeur mismatches as it runs.
Where can I get the latest and correct user manual?

And according to CAN and LIN, we need to modify the Firmware.
EB does not answer shortly and properly to my question.
Where should I contact about this issue?
We need to know what kind of process is needed to develop AURIX Firmware.

Very thanks,

Dear nvdpx2,

Could you please let me know you’re using Aurix FW version?
And let me know which part is not mismatches.
And regarding Aurix FW issue, EB should cover Aurix issues. Thanks.

Dear SteveNV,

Not me but a customer needs AURIX side.
And EB responses after quite long wait.

  1. Firmware modification:
    CAN message limitations on AURIX, and LIN interfaces
    AURIX FW might be modified I believe.

  2. mismatches
    2.1 LIN interface,
    I cannot find any help in AURIX user manual to test it.
    Guide! how to test LIN interface with external device.

2.2 CAN related AURIX commands,
e.g canrxlog, cansend
I tested canrxlog and cansend commands with external CAN test device directly.
No RX log messages and sending messages.

  1. etc
    Tegra on-line user manual uses as a AURIX CAN commands as follow;
On DRIVE PX2: --driver=can.aurix --params=ip=,bus=a

The IP address for AURIX, here, might be, I think.