tegra 250 development board: how to enable wifi on custom kernel?

Hi all.
I tried to build kernel for harmony board, and faced with problem with wifi.

I downloaded linux4tegra kernel and ar6000 driver from nvidia repo as Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Developers_Guide.pdf recommends.

http://nv-tegra.nvidia.com/gitweb/?p=3rdparty/atheros.git;a=summary - for ar6000

Next I checkout kernel to tegra-l4t-r16r3-rc tag and build it.
Kernel loads on board and works fine, but wifi not works (no wlan0 device)
I built ar6000 driver separately with make ATH_LINUXPATH=<kernel_dir> ATH_CROSS_COMPILE_TYPE= (also I commented some ANDROIN define)
Now then I try to insmod ar6000.ko module, next error appears:
ar6000_target_failure: target asserted

If use pre-builded kernel wifi works normal (where is ar6000.ko module for this kernel, but it doesn’t load in my kernel)

Could anybody help me with this? Is where working sources for ar6000 for harmony board?
PS: atheros driver in staging tree doesn’t support ar6002 chip too