Tegra 3 Data Sheet

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I am attempting to locate a copy of the Tegra 3 (T33) Data Sheet (DS-05160). It seems it was never published on the embedded developers page.

I’m the maintainer for the Ouya board in Mainline Linux. I’m revisiting power management and have found the downstream kernel and bootloader that were used as sources were woefully incorrect to the actual hardware. I have a board that I have removed the SoC from and have been building a schematic of the board using pin to pin measurement. Unfortunately lacking the SoC ball map makes this task rather difficult.

If anyone has a copy of it, Nvidia support has directed me to post here for it.

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Peter Geis

Tegea 3 is quite old and EOL already, we’re not able to support and relevant doc seems moved and archived.

If you’re referring to the embedded developers downloads, it was never posted there. The K1 was / is the first to get a publicly posted data sheet.

If you’re saying it has been deleted from nvidia’s internal servers, would I be able to get authorization for one of the manufacturers to provide the data sheet, should they still have it?

The Tegra 3 hasn’t been designed as embedded platform, it was designed for Tablet at that mement, I’m not able to find relevant doc now.

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I understand, thank you for the clarification. If you or anyone else would be willing to look further I’d greatly appreciate it. Also if I found a company with the data sheet or the schematics would I be able to get authorization for them to release it?

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At the time Tegra 3 was created NVIDIA only gave reference designs to third party vendors. You’d then get the information you need from that vendor (I have a Tegra 3 development board here). I will recommend that you look for documentation at the third party vendor sites. One site in particular probably still sells some of the old SoC boards (their boards with the NVIDIA SoC), and that is Toradex (they also have a TK1 unit):

Note: At the time of creating the Tegra 3 the L4T release was R16.x. This is what the Toradex content is based on for their Tegra 3 boards. Even if the boards are not available I suspect the software is.

Thank you, I’ve reached out to them to see if they will share it.

Delightfully, the downstream software is exactly the opposite of what I need. We are working on Mainline Linux, which we already have significantly better support than the original software in terms of power management and stability. Graphics support still leaves a bit to be desired, but it’s a work in progress. We hope to have the T3, T4, and TK1 devices supportable for many years to come when they have been abandoned for years by the OEMs.

Right now the problem I’m trying to solve is HDMI output in the bootloader. We have experimental HDMI support in U-Boot now which works on other devices. The original bootloader for the Ouya never had HDMI output even though it tried to and I’m beginning to suspect they didn’t have the power sequencing quite right. I need to pin to pin the voltage regulators to their rails on the SoC to ensure everything gets powered up right in order to fix it.