Tegra and open source support for HDMI 2.0

Unfortunately Nvidia won’t be releasing a Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04 version of Jackpack or L4T for the Jetson Nano so those who want newer software for their Nano are forced to look elsewhere.

This week I’ve tried several different builds of Armbian on my Nano but all of them that are using a mainline 5.x kernel produce a flickery and distorted HDMI output under both the fb console and under X. I believe this is because the tegra drm driver doesn’t support HDMI 2.0 yet and my display defaults to 4K @ 60 Hz which requires HDMI 2.0 or later.

Linux 5.16 added open source NVDEC support so I’m keen to test that out but its no use without working HDMI output. Is anybody working on the open source Tegra drm driver (for the Nano)?


Tegra has it own tegra display driver which supports HDMI2.0 for Jetson Nano/TX1. Also, we have dedicated lib DRM working too. However, it may not be the “tegra drm” driver that you want to use from kernel.

I understand there are parts of the kernel, such as XHCI/USB 3 that is not open source and so the tegra USB support in the mainline kernel is entirely separate from whats used in Jetpack. I knew this was also the case for the main GPU driver but I thought the drm driver would’ve been common to both NVIDIA’s driver and the open source components of the graphics stack such as nouveau etc but it seems thats not so.

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