tegra android development pack

Can someone please tell me how to get the tegra android development pack to work i have tried the 3.0r1 and the 2.0r9 versions and everytime i open them up and try to download all the sdks i need it will go part way throught he downloads and then the tool will lock up and say not responding . Any help would be appreciated because i need these tools to finish developing my apps with unity3d

Ok i guess apparently no one uses the tegra pack or unity3d that comes on these forums .

Hi Bow2me26,

it will go part way throught he downloads and then the tool will lock up and say not responding
What you mean about this? which one do you mean not responding? The download window? or the install window?
Could you provide me which platform you used and your operating system version?

me too,

Press [Enter] to continue :

Downloading SDK failed. Would you like to retry again? [Y/n]: Y

Error: The md5sum of
/opt/NVPACK/tadp_download/android-sdk_r22.6.2-linux.tgz is
Press [Enter] to continue :

Oh it was during the download part of the installer tool when the tool downloads the packages it needs to install thats when it would lock up . But after over a hundred tries i finally got it to download and install . Now if you want to know the interesting part nvidia just now contacted me after i told them about this problem and how i needed the software in this package so i can develop on the ouya . And theyre reply was that they dont support the ouya . Thats all they had to say . Well Sorry nvidia the problem had nothing to do with the ouya it had to do with your tegra package tool not working correctly to download the software it needs to install the software. It had absolutely nothing to do with the ouya whatsoever . What you should of said it that your to lazy to fix the problem with your software instead of taking forever to reply back only to say that you dont support the ouya . The problem was all on you nvidia . And if anyone would like to now who the support tech was that was to lazy to help get this problem fixed and instead used the ouya as an excuse to do nothing at all about theyre own product . The email i received back came from mmorin at nvidia theyre name on the email showed up as Maxim Morin . There now you can take credit for being lazy instead of working on getting your product to work correctly .

Now to the person that had the same type of problem try this instead of downloading everything download 1 part at a time and if it acts up go into the folder of the tool and delete that downloaded package file and redownload it till it goes through without going to not responding and when it gets to the install part stop the tool and go back to the download part and redownload the packages till u can finally download all the packages . And repeat that step stopping when the tool gets to the install section and deleting and redownloading any package it did the not responding part on until u have all the packages downloaded correctly then finally let it go through the install part . Unfortunately this tegra pack isnt made very well at all and apparently nvidia doesnt plan to fix it since they want to pass the blame . From what it looks like on my end if ur network connection isnt extremely stable and it jumps up and down in speed the tool will act up and lock up instead of downloading whatever file it was currently on . So as i said try redownloading the files in the tool seperately and stop at install and then redownload another one stoping on any that act up and delete those and redownload them . Repeat till u have all files downloaded before letting the installer finish to the install part . I hope that helps its what i had to do on my own . Since nvidia was absolutely no help at all . Make sure when u go back that u delete any file that it acted up on and redownload it otherwise the installer will try and continue on and use the corrupted file in install .

Hi, user Bow2me26

We are sorry for the bad experience you meet. For the downloading issue, we have heard from a few users. Most of them happened on downloading Google SDKs, hosted on Google’ site. We are trying to investigate the issue with Google. You might try to download SDK from google site from browser when you meet issues with TADP, I guess you will have issues to download from Google as well.

I saw you mentioned Ouya. Right, we don’t support it in latest TADP any more. For using Tegra System Profiler, we have some supporting feature built in OS. But we cannot make it to Ouya, they controlled the OS by themselves.
If you had chance to access other NVIDIA devices, like Shield, Tegra Note 7 and recent MiPad with Tegra K1, you will have the best support.

That’s a common problem for Android developers that they need to get various SDKs and tools from various websites and spend days to configure. TADP try to fit the role helping this. We get all the complains, and we are trying to solve them behind the scene and provide user a one click solution.

Still, feel free to ping our supporting if you have further problems. We will be happy to support developers up to speed.