tegra-camera-platform device node details

Hi All,

In Jetson TX2 board, We need to add camera like sensor device in device tree

tegra-camera-platform {
compatible = “nvidia, tegra-camera-platform”;
modules {
module0 {
badge = “imx185_bottom_liimx185”;
position = “bottom”;
orientation = “0”;
drivernode0 {
pcl_id = “v4l2_sensor”;
devname = “imx185 30-001a”;
proc-device-tree = “/proc/device-tree/i2c@3180000/tca9546@70/i2c@0/imx185_a@1a”;
}; };

The above device node values are taken from Sensor programming guide as examples.

But we are confused by devname. what do you mean by 30-oo1a in devname. devname format??
please provide your information…

What is the use of this module0 information??? i.e. what is the purpose of devname, proc-device-tree fields??


hello muhammed.asadpt,

that’s used with the plugin-manager.
actually, it is 30-001a, which specify the i2c address of the camera module.
please also check [Sensor Driver Programming Guide] for more details.

Hello JerryChang,

Thanks for the reply.

Gone through the [Sensor Driver Programming Guide] document.