tegra-camera-platform entries in device tree

Is there any documentation on the device tree entries for tegra-camera-platform?

I’d like to change entries, such as max_lane_speed, for our application. Some are obvious, but others, such as vi_bw_margin_pct I’m not sure what to use.

If my driver just uses v4l2src do I even need a tegra-caemra-platform entry?

Hi clutch12
There’s doc for sensor programing.

ShaneCCC thanks for the quick response. If I go say here there are no results

Where can I find documentation on these sorts of flags?

Some of them may not in this document. However it’s not relative for the sensor programing. And some of them are not used now. You can reference to the …/kernel/drivers/video/tegra/camera/tegra_camera_platform.c to check it.

oh I see. Thanks.