Tegra-capture-vi error

[    4.723619] tegra-camrtc-capture-vi tegra-capture-vi: tegra_channel_csi_init:Fail to parse port info
[    4.733422] tegra-camrtc-capture-vi tegra-capture-vi: channel init failed
[    4.740801] tegra-camrtc-capture-vi tegra-capture-vi: all channel init failed
[    4.748547] tegra-camrtc-capture-vi tegra-capture-vi: Init channel failed
[    4.755992] tegra-camrtc-capture-vi tegra-capture-vi: tegra_vi_media_controller_init_int: failed
[    4.765437] tegra-camrtc-capture-vi tegra-capture-vi: media controller init failed

I use the offical dtbs and only open the imx185 camera,but kernel log have problems above.
I use these offical dtbs,and only open one port ,change the status from “disabled” to “okay”,at the same time,open the imx185 status to “okay”.and don’t change other things.
The jetpack sdk is r35.3.1,jetson agx orin 32GB version.
tegra234-camera-imx185-a00.dtsi (13.9 KB)
tegra234-p3737-0000-camera-imx185-a00.dtsi (1.9 KB)
tegra234-p3737-camera-modules.dtsi (10.1 KB)

I have the same problem as you

I would suggest to use jetson-io to enable imx185 to verify it.


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I don’t understand. Could you explain it in more detail

Have reference to below document.


yes, config with /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/xxx.py it works well

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