tegra-devpack-2.0-windows-2013-05-09-15755747_2 installation failed

I wanted to install tegra-devpack-2.0-windows-2013-05-09-15755747_2.exe (3.94 MB) but double clickinng this gives “Downloading MD5 file failed, check your network connection”. I don’t understand what’s the problem. My Internet is working fine.

My questions:

  1. Is this a file download error i.e. the .exe file has to be of greater size?
  2. What is actual problem during installation
  3. I have an updated sdk but previous version gives error that it should be r18 and you have r21 ADT. What to do here now.

try deleting any files previously installed on your system (C:\NVPACK) and download the installer again

Im having the same problem when I try download the tegra-devpack-2.0-windows-2013-05-09-15755747_2.exe.
Is the file size mean to be 3.94MB? I looked at the old version is like 476MB.
Or I have to download somekind of software/installer to download this devpack?


Hi, bonhoo
The new file size is 3.94MB. And the problem you have meet I have answered in https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/545373/tegra-tools/tegra-devpack-2-0-windows-2013-05-09-15755747_2-installation-failed/.
Hope that can solve you problem.